Have you ever dealt with anxiety? No worries, you are not alone! Unfortunately, anxiety is very common in this developed world. It is the most common mental illness in the U.S., affecting 40 million adults in the US in 2018. Most people ignore their anxiety symptoms, and some people use medication to treat an anxiety disorder. However, prescription medications for anxiety go hand in hand with unpleasant and unwanted side effects like a decline in feelings of apathy, sex drive, over-sedation, and it can even trigger a depression. Fortunately, there is an all-natural solution to reduce anxiety, namely: cannabidiol (CBD) oil.

Cannabinoid is derived from the cannabis plant and is not psychoactive. Meaning that is does not change the state of mind of the person who uses it. It has broad therapeutic properties across a range of neuropsychiatric disorders and is an anxiolytic treatment.  CBD helps to reduce anxiety felt by people and reduces anxiety behaviours such as post-traumatic stress disorder, general anxiety disorder, panic disorder, social anxiety disorder and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

CBD Anxiety

How to use CBD Oil for Anxiety

Currently we only sell the CBD oil in a pipette. You could use the CBD oil e.g. into your food or drinks, or immediately take the oil from the dropper/pipette. We would advise you to administer the CBD oil drops under the tongue if you take them immediately from the pipette.

Dosage of CBD Oil for anxiety

Now the question is, how much CBD should you take to reduce anxiety?  Unfortunately, it is hard to say the correct dosage, as there are no official, federal guidelines in place yet. The correct dosage of CBD oil to reduce anxiety varies from person to person. This because it depends on multiple factors, such as body weight, concentration of the product and the condition being treated. Therefore, it is best to find the right dosage yourself. However, it is shown that an effective dosage to reduce anxiety with CBD oil falls within 40mg to 600 mg. We recommend to determine the dosage with the next steps:

  1. Start with a low CBD oil Dosage e.g. 40mg. This, in order to give your body some time to adapt to the CBD oil and to make sure that you’re not taking too much right away.
  2. Increase CBD oil Dosage slowly. Once you feel that no effects are noticeable, you should increase your dosage every three days. Stick with this dosage for a few days and repeat this once you feel no effects are noticeable anymore.
  3. Separate your CBD oil Dosage throughout the day. When you increase your CBD oil dosage, it could be that you have to take many drops at the same time. Therefore, you could separate the doses spread the drops throughout the day. E.g. half of dosage in the morning, and the other half in the evening. It doesn’t matter what time the day you take the drops.

Best CBD oil for anxiety

So, what is the best CBD oil for anxiety? As THC can induce anxiety, it is important to look for an industrial hemp CBD oil without THC. Look for high-quality CBD oil that is tested by a third party. Also, make sure that, if the manufacturer has tested the CBD oil, that they provide detailed information about the nature of testing and its results.