CBD Oil for Weight Loss

If you love eating a lot, then you must have been struggling your entire life to lose weight. All those dinner buffets, Sunday brunches, and eating out are just so hard to resist. And if you just give in to all these temptations, you’ll soon notice some side fats popping up in your tummy, which is truly unflattering. The good news is that there’s a special green plant that can actually help you shed those extra fats off and that’s the cannabis plant!

We’re not really advocating the use of marijuana or smoking weed. Instead, we’ll talk about how you can use the CBD oil to help you lose weight. This miracle oil is derived from the cannabis plant, which is said to be a revolutionary compound that can help you effectively shed that annoying fat off!

cbd oil for weight loss

What is CBD Oil?

Through a special process of extraction, the CBD oil is derived from the cannabis sativa plant. The oil accounts for almost 40% of the extract and is known as a major phytocannabinoid.

A lot of people are often confused about the use of CBD oil and they tend to misinterpret the concept of using cannabis. But unlike the THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol, which is another compound derived from the cannabis plant, the CBD doesn’t come with any psychoactive effects, which leads to the feeling of “high” in its users.

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Can CBD Oil help with Weight Loss?

So for people who have been struggling with eating problems most of their life, the CBD oil might just be the solution to curb those constant cravings. The exact mechanism behind its effectiveness is still debatable but there have been many visible reasons why a lot of health experts believe that CBD oil is truly effective for losing weight.

Stress relief, blood pressure, and a feeling of satisfaction are some of the reasons that could limit our appetite craze. Generally, humans fight stress by dealing with hormones. For most people, happy hormones are often released when they indulge in their favorite food. But this cycle can be prevented after using CBD oil.

  1. CBD Enhances Fat Breakdown

The CBD oil can help stimulate the body’s fat burning mechanism. In fact, a group of Korean scientists has recently done a research regarding this. In the study, they contemplated that the CBD oil can help enhance the genes that are mainly responsible for the breakdown of fats, lower the production of new fat cells, and enhance the mitochondrial activity.

Hence, scientists determined that the use of CBD oil plays an important role in efficiently breaking down the stubborn fat cells, especially if you make it a part of your lifestyle. With the use of the miracle oil, your body can limit the creation of new fat cells. Of course, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you can pig-out while using the CBD oil. Proper lifestyle management along with exercises, healthy diet, and daily use of CBD oil are the best ways to lose those extra pounds.

  1. CBD Can Help with Blood Sugar Management

There’s also another study done on CBD for people who have been struggling with both weight and diabetes. Since craving sugar is as dangerous as cocaine addiction, scientists have conducted a research on the benefit of using CBD oil to treat diabetic individuals.

The science behind the effects of CBD in managing the blood sugar level is still currently being researched, but some scientists have discovered that CBD does help control diabetes by reducing the resistance of insulin in the body.

Diabetes and obesity have been shown to be a deadly combination that can lead to insulin resistance in the body and could, in turn, trigger more fat absorption.

When it comes to managing the level of blood sugar, some studies have stated that taking CBD oil can help increase the mitochondrial activity of the body and help the body burn more calories. In addition, CBD oil can help stimulate the proteins and genes in order to further enhance the breakdown of fat cells.

In addition, the surprising discovery of using CBD oil has been shown to be the real reason behind weight loss as it helps to effectively alleviate the protein expression that’s involved in the production of fat cells.

There are some visible mechanisms that have surprised scientists after they discovered how CBD could help convert white fatty tissues into brown colored tissues which can help burn body energy. Thus, taking CBD oil, along with the fat browning process, can greatly help in decreasing the overall weight while also improving the body’s glucose tolerance.

  1. CBD Oil Helps Flush Out Toxins

Through researches, a group of scientists has discovered that the CBD can help release some toxins from the body that can help improve the overall health of some organs. It also helps eliminate some of the harmful toxins in the body that lead to fat burning and prevents the storage of high content of lipids.

How Much CBD Oil to Use for Weight Loss

Weight loss through CBD will not happen overnight. It’s definitely not magic but it can certainly make you feel better and will help you lose that excess weight for as long as you adhere to a healthy diet.

Here are some key points that individuals trying to start a weight loss lifestyle through the use of CBD oil should know:

  • Be very mindful of any adverse effects.
  • Look for an appropriate CBD: THC ratio in order to ensure that you’ll get the desired medicinal results.
  • There may be minimal to no adverse effects of CBD in humans, yet, it’s very important not to overdose.
  • When starting a CBD-incorporated weight loss routine, you need to decide on the method of how you want to take the CBD oil. The product is available in the form of capsules, vape, edibles etc.
  • When using CBD oil, start with a low dose and observe how your body reacts to it. See how the oil affects your body and slowly adjust the dosage depending on the reaction.

What Do Scientific Studies on CBD Oil for Weight Loss Say?

Science-related products are always on the verge of confusion among people who want to use them but are afraid of the harsh side effects.

In a study on the impact of marijuana on glucose and insulin among adults, it’s been shown that marijuana users have 16% lower fasting insulin, which leads to a smaller waistline.

Another study was done on the endocannabinoid system and the implications for cardiovascular risk has documented an important role of the endocannabinoid system in maintaining the level of glucose and energy balance.

By modulating the system, the evidence on clinical trials has shown that the blockade leads to a decrease in fat tissue production. Since the endocannabinoid system has a major role in dealing with the use of CBD oil, another study done on type 2 Diabetes, obesity, and endocannabinoid system have explained comprehensively that the miracle oil helps to control the glucose and lipid metabolism, as well as the possible accumulation of energy fats.

Success Stories of People Using CBD Oil for Weight Loss

Dr. Allan Frankel of Green Bridge Medical claims that the use of CBD can indeed help lower appetite. He further stated that the THC can help trigger the hedonic overeating which means that CBD is safe for people who are looking for effective solutions to weight loss. Frankel asked two of his friends to try CBD and he observed the results. He and his friends placed two drops of the oil under their tongue just before dinner. They were surprised to discover that they didn’t get hungry after an hour since they had dinner, which was not the case in the past.

Another CBD user claimed to lose 20 pounds within 11 weeks of regularly using the CBD oil. She further stated that CBD oil had helped her achieve the caloric deficit by addressing her anxiety level and suppressing her appetite. She’s now one of the many happy users of CBD oil and encourages other people to give it a try as well!

Best CBD Oil for Weight Loss

It’s been found based on many research studies that the best way to take CBD oil for weight loss is through oral drops in the sublingual region, just below the tongue.

The oil will get into the bloodstream fast if taken through the sublingual pathway unlike when engulfing. It will normally take between 60 seconds to a minute before the oil reaches the system and surpasses the body’s metabolic process.

Another method that’s beneficial for those who prefer to smoke the oil is vaping. With vaping, the CBD particles will get into the lungs directly, which is a faster and more accurate way of getting the oil into the body. You could also consider purchasing CBD Capsules, they are already dosed per 10 or 20mg.

But remember that this will only work if you combine it with proper diet, healthy lifestyle, and regular exercise. If used regularly, the CBD oil can help you achieve your weight loss goals very fast.

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